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The aim of those notes is to provide a geometric therapy of generalized homology and cohomology theories. The primary proposal is that of a 'mock bundle', that is the geometric cocycle of a normal cobordism concept, and the most new result's that any homology thought is a generalized bordism idea. The e-book will curiosity mathematicians operating in either piecewise linear and algebraic topology specifically homology idea because it reaches the frontiers of present learn within the subject. The e-book is usually compatible to be used as a graduate direction in homology thought.

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Satisfies the conditions of the definition jhOmOIOgytheories. 1 homology theories. but with M. replacing M. This is then a generalisation of the killing 1 used in Chapter lIT to define coefficients. •fB n i q- of the Vniversal Co- C. f. Remark 6. 1. 1. ) VI'" The spaces (Compare the proof of the universal coefficient X, A, P, Q play no role in the proof, so we LX == O. iofeach llltrlllslC stratum (see the last two sections). manifold W x C(M). Ker L C 88 1m X. '* nSO . at odd pnmes. j i From results of Wall [14] we know that all the torsion in n~O lis 2- torsion and hence that n~O (pt.

To combine £-theory with the restriction on the normal bundle :,'Of the last section, it is necessary to use the notion of 'normal block Suppose M and N are closed £-maJiitolds then M x N is in general not an £-manifold. £ 4. n *£ c£ q However it is one if we have: jthe usual properties - the class of bundles and manifolds for which a (i. e. the join of two links is again a link). theory has Thorn and Poincare isomorphisms depends on the stable n+q Then, with axiom 4, we have cup and cap products.

We attach a new sheet (V x I) ® g' to the relabelled the singularities V ® r. M" along See Fig. 17 set of components of S(M). But V ® 0 - ¢ by a trivial G' - bordism. (b) Ker {3C 1m lJI*. Let M"n be a G"-manifold. sake of simplicity let us assume that the singularities For the of M" have only one component V ® r"; r" = L. g~. , lJIg. = g~. By assumption there is a G'-bordism I I I I We construct a G-manifold Mn as follows. (i) Since {3(M") has no singularities singularities W' : (3(M")-~, we can assume that W' has in codimension one at most, because otherwise we solve Fig.

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