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By Andrew Kernohan

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This e-book goals to use fresh pondering in philosophy to the age-old challenge of the which means of existence, and to take action in a fashion that's beneficial to atheists, agnostics, and humanists. The e-book reorients the hunt for which means clear of a look for goal and towards a look for what really concerns, and criticizes our society's winning thought of price, the choice delight thought of the economists. It subsequent argues that feelings are our greatest publications to what concerns in existence, and indicates how emotional judgments approximately what concerns could be real. eventually it discusses how a significant existence will be lived, describes the position of justice, freedom, identification, and tradition in its building, and compares the significant with the chuffed life.Andrew Kernohan has a Ph.D in philosophy from the collage of Toronto and is an accessory Professor at Dalhousie collage. he's the writer of Liberalism, Equality, and Cultural Oppression (Cambridge collage Press, 1998) and diverse articles in expert philosophy journals.

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Whereas otherwise he might profoundly have wished surcease, . . his life is now filled with mission and meaning. (Taylor 1970:259) This second, modified Sisyphus gets his wants satisfied. But does his life therefore become meaningful? It might feel more meaningful to him, but is it really so? ” This impulse is the reason for the second Sisyphus’s desire to roll stones, and it is not a good one; it is a strange and irrational one. Wants and desires, as we actually experience them, are not always good guides to meaningfulness.

We will examine the route to meaning through fulfilling desires in the following chapter. The second important issue raised by the new hypothesis is this: Wants and desires are not the only psychological attitudes that have this feature of intentionality, of ‘aboutness,’ or of being directed toward objects and states of affairs. We have a whole range of emotional attitudes that are also directed toward the world as it is, toward the world as it might become, and toward our mental life. We not only want things, but also admire them, are proud of them, are in awe of them, enjoy them, love them, despise them, and hate them.

Alternatively, if emotions were just unconscious drives, bottled up until they escape into consciousness like pressurized hydraulic fluids, then again they would be irrelevant meaning. If we think of emotions in these simple ways, then we will fail to see how they could possibly be guides to what can truly matter. Emotions may be the best candidates for guides to meaningfulness, but they are still very fallible guides. A pang of hunger cannot be mistaken; it just is. In contrast, emotions can go wrong in all sorts of ways.

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